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We have just arrived in the little village of Narlai and are staying overnight at a Heritage hotel - the Rawla at Narlai - what a surprise! A delightful room with a bed large enough for Bob Carol Ted Alice and all their friends. Tonight we are off to an ancient step well for dinner after a bullock cart ride through the village. Mum has had a rocky few days with most people experiencing a hacking cough and runny nose.

Our last day in Jodhpur yesterday was leisurely. We ventured out of the Raas Hotel intending to go to the Bazaar but were instead waylaid and taken to the Maharani Textile and antique market where friends had spent up big the previos evening. We spent a pleasant and productive hour or 2 having various textile thrown out in front of us. Then returned to the hotel in time for our Camel Safari. We set off on a 2 hour journey over roads which varied from a goat track to roads actually built for 2 vehicles to pass each other. We arrived at the Osian Camel Safari Camp and I rode a camel leaving me with permanent hip Dysplasia and lost dignity when I tried to get on and off the camel. Celina rode on a camel cart which was not comfortable for her. We moved on to an Indian Buffet under the stars accompanied by local musicians and dancers.

This mornig we opted to mis the jeep ride into some local villages as both Claire our tour director and we decided it would not be good for Celina's bruised and battered body. We slept in but were not given a wake up call in time to avoid rushing around in the semi dark getting our bags out. We accompanied the coach to await the others returning from the dusty bone shattering trip and travelled an hour or so more to the Heritage Hotel at Rohet for a buffet lunch. Then another 2 hours and some brilliant driving by our driver to squeeze the coach into the Rawla Narlai.

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I'm sure you needed that big comfy bed after a bullock cart ride. I can't imagine that being an non-painful experience for mum. (I'm taking the magnetic field blanket back to your place this weekend, as I imagine mum will need it.

Did mum buy any textiles or was she able to resist the pretty?

Sorry if I snickered at your description of the end result of the camel ride, dad. I've ridden a camel and it's not a comfortable experience. I hope the cultural dinner was a pleasant experience to make up for it.

Josh intended to send you an email last night but we had the most amazing thunderstorm that rolled on for hours. We had to unplug all the appliances, and Zac had a shit-storm of his own in his sheer state of terror, but the roof didn't leak (just the dog.) The worst of it finished way after Josh went to bed. Hopefully this afternoon....

Love you lots and am glad for this blog. Melinda xx

by melinda_g

Hi mum and dad,

There's been some interesting things happen yestreday. I went to the dentist in the morning for a filling and came out minus a wisdom tooth so felt rather awful the rest of the day. Poor Karrie had to go to hospital with suspected appendicitis and will be in surgery today. Understandably she won't be able to keep minding and walking Tippy. Hopefully Karrie will feel better soon. Her friend and flatmate Jenna looked after Tippy last night and this morning.

Josh, Zac and I will be moving into your place today to look after Tippy, and will pop home regularly to look after our fish and for Josh to do homework. This weekend will be fine, and we'll have to get up a little earlier Monday and Tuesday to get Josh to school. I'll do my best to keep Zac out of the garden - may take him home to our place Tuesday morning when I have to go to work.

Hopefully mum is feeling better and you are having a lovely last few days of your holiday.

See you soon, lots of love, Melinda

by melinda_g

Hi There. Luise is on holidays, so we will look after Tippy here. It will be Easier for Melinda that way. Don't worry, and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

by Mark

Karrie came through her surgery ok and is sad to have missed saying goodbye to Tippy and giving her a goodbye hug. Nice lady.

by melinda_g

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