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Delhi to Agra

Much better than the road the others travelled

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Spent last night in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi watching the Delhi Glitterati gathering in the coffee shop. Young girls dressed in gorgeous silks and young men preening like peacocks. The girls teetered on stiletto heels and did Bollywood dance moves and some pouted and posed - all the while with mobiles at the ready. The meal was excellent and the room comfortable but not a patch on the Imperial or our current hotel in Agra.

We were picked up by our private vehicle at 10-15am and driven through Delhi until we reached the Yarmuna Expressway to Agra. The journey took about 4 hours and with a stop for refreshments we reached outskirts of Agra to be caught in traffic congestion with cars, buses, donkeys, cows,camel, goats a few hundred thousand people with up to 8-10 in the auto rickshaws and 3 on a motor bike, all dodging and weaving like an exotic dance on the narrow roads - shops and stalls on either side. The chaos is endemic but unmissable.

We finally got to move and had our first sight of the Taj Mahal. Pictures do not do it any justice as it stands alone out of the grimy and crowed streets. Finally arrived here at our oasis away from crowds and are able to see the Taj from the hotel lobby and have a wonderful view from our room which surpasses the Imperial Hotel in spades. Tomorrow we go to the Taj before dawn then tour most of the day and see it again at sunrise. Had wonderful meal tonight at Indian restaurant at our hotel. More later!

Taj from the road into Agra

Taj from the road into Agra

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Sounds like you had dinner with a performance at the Taj Mahal Hotel *g*

So glad to hear you made it to Agra! The traffic congestion sounds amazing - reminicent of Cairo with its madness and animals. I bet you were glad to have a local driver rather than trying to weave through the chaos yourself. Hopefully the car was comfortable.

I can't wait to hear about your day at the Taj. Hope it is a clearer day than the photo from the road.

Saw Tippy on Friday and she was well and bouncy and in good condition. Hope you got the email we sent - Josh will be sending another today.

Love and kisses, Melinda and Josh.

by Melinda and Josh

Dear mum and dad,

Mark called last night to tell us you'd rung and were safe and having a good time on your holiday. So glad to hear it.
Josh typed in a long note to you here in the comments this morning, but it seems to have disappeared :{ I'll get him to try again tomorrow.
He's currently asking us to let him learn trumpet at high school, of all things. We're thinking about it, and will go to the information night on Monday.
Our new Kogan tv arrived today while I was at work - they'll redeliver it again on Friday when I should be home. Josh is very excited, and Ben and Casey are lined up to haul the old hulk out to the curb for me.
If the tv comes early on Friday, I will pop over to your place to visit and walk Tippy, and take care of your mail and other things.
I hope you had a wonderful day at the Taj and look forward to hearing about it.
Love, Melinda

by melinda

Hi Len and Celina,

Wow, it would appear that you are having a wonderful time! The photographs are absolutely breathtaking. I hope your back is on the mend Celina!
Tippy is doing very well. I took her to work yesterday for the first time and she was absolutely fine and enjoyed the car ride immensley! Her stomach was keeping me awake on monday night (making noises like a wild animal!) so I thought I'd get Michael to check her over. He thinks it was just gas (!) or a minor tummy upset. She has been fine since though so please do not worry!
It has been quite warm here since you left, with very few days under 25 so she has been spending a fair bit of time indoors. She is hilarious and loves to steal random objects of mine from the bedroom or anywhere else she finds them (pizza shapes for example - gas??! - lucky the box was almost empty!). We have been venturing further and further with each of our walks which is great for me as I believe I need the exercise more than her!
Tippy has also been very well behaved when it comes time to leave her "den"...no teeth baring or any unsavoury carry on!
The plants and the fish are doing well too!

Well I shall leave it here for now as Tippy wants to turn in for the evening!

Continue to enjoy every minute of your journey and I will write again soon.

Love Karrie and Tippy.

by karrieschmidt

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